About Sunny Someday

When I coined the words Sunny and Someday 5 years ago for my travel blog then, I envisioned it to become a foundation someday helping kids get good education or even just an access to one.

I graduated elementary in a public school in the province of Cebu and growing up, I hated it so much that I had to walk just to get to school and back home. Many of my classmates would start walking at five in the morning just to get to school and from where exactly I lived, I was already considered blessed to be just walking for an hour.

My dream has always been to get rich enough to buy a school bus for the students in my hometown walking more than five hours every day to be in school.  Our school was one of those public schools where 80 students are squeezed into one tiny classroom. It’s the kind where if you win school contests, you couldn’t compete with other divisions because of the lack of government funding.

I remember being considered to be the ‘richest’ just because my  grandfather was receiving pension monthly while most of my classmates’ parents were farmers. Crazy! During Christmas parties, everyone wanted my gift because they thought mine was always with best candies! We live far from the city and only a few of us who graduated was able to study high school and especially college. I grew up with limited access to quality education and so I have a very deep sense of appreciation for one.

I was a working scholar when I was in college and Sunny Someday is my way of giving back to the community and to promote kindness and positivity. I try every day to make a difference in another person’s life and I want to help students who want to pursue college education with the Sunny Someday scholarship program.

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Founder and Creator of Sunny Someday

I’m Jam from Cebu, Philippines. I am a CPA by profession. I lived in Singapore for almost three years before moving to the Netherlands in October 2020. I am a free spirit and a lone ranger who loves to travel and meet people from different cultures and explore unfamiliar places. In my spare time, I read and write. (Although recently, I just became a BTS ARMY so I spend most of my time catching up with BTS content. :D).

I created Sunny Someday as a travel blog back in 2016 to inspire friends to get out of their comfort zones.

By sharing my own story, I hope to inspire people to live a life of giving and not giving up.

What I Do
  • Full-time Accountant
  • Travel
  • Blog

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