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I really thought we won’t be doing this again this year but unfortunately, here we are again. Only this time around it’s in Visayas and some parts of Mindanao where I’m from and most of my friends are from. Last year, we were able to gather ₱448,410.16 total donations to Typhoon Ulysses victims in Luzon. I don’t expect much this time around because most donors I know are all my friends whose family are now also victims of the typhoon.

I’m sorry it took me 4 days to act because the past few days, I have been anxious to hear what happened to my mother and my relatives. This morning I found out they are all fine. This donation drive will not be for my family, this is for those who are totally homeless right now and are just staying in evacuation centers and will most likely be spending Christmas there.

There are so many homeless families in Visayas right now. I hope you can spare whatever little extra amount you have.