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What Happens In Taiwan Stays in Taiwan

This story that I’m about to share to you guys is meant to be forgotten. This is supposed to be archived in my journal forever and should never be mentioned again ‘cause it’s truly embarrassing. I was about to start writing about our Taiwan trip ‘cause I see that some of you have been bugging me about it already. But when I think about our Taiwan trip, all I remember is what happened on our last day there. And just a heads up, it was an utter disaster. Continue reading

When In Camiguin: Travel Guide and Tips (₱2,500 w/ airfare)

I did the math and found out you can save up to ₱917 in your two-day Camiguin tour when you follow my tips below. Most people neglect to consider these tips during their travels. But if you only know ahead before going to Camiguin, you can save half of your budgeted expense. It’s just simple actually.  Continue reading

4 Days South Korea Itinerary (₱15,000 ALL IN with Everland and Oedo Island)

Years ago, I honestly thought you will have to be in your thirties with an ₱80k salary to be able to go to places like South Korea or Japan. Looking back, I hate how ignorant I was. Traveling outside the country can be very intimidating especially when it is your first time. You see those Nami Island pictures of your friends and you immediately associate those thick colorful foliage with some huge amount of money. For a stunning picture like that, it must cost a fortune! you think. But later in here, you will find out that you will only need to save ₱15k to set foot in Seoul, Busan, Everland , Nami and even Oedo Island! Continue reading

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