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Love Letter: I Started Traveling Because of You Kate!

I’m three days late to the party but labanan natin ang kauwaw coz she deserves to feel loved and missed! To all of you who keep sending me messages about how I inspire you, well, this lady was(is) my inspiration.

Dear Kate,

You may not know this yet but you are actually the reason why I started traveling two years ago. 😭 You were my inspiration. I was your number 1 stalker back then. All your adventures and all the places you’ve been to, they became my bucketlist until I made my own, until I knew what I liked, what I wanted and where I wanted to be. I never really realized how small my world in Cebu was Continue reading

Love Letter: Butterflies

Dear You,

I brushed off this feeling the first time I met you. It was something special but I knew “you and I” was impossible. But that was way before what happened in the pantry, few months ago, when our eyes first locked. Maybe it was just me but I swear for the first time, I’ve seen you differently. As Adele would soulfully sing, it was truly just like the movies. Your eyes and the way you randomly poke me and tease me, they send signals down to my core. Continue reading

Love Letter: Thank You For Loving Me

Dear God,

If I had known
No, I’ve always known
That You were there
In the cool mountain breeze
In the humming of the birds back in my old work place
In the beautiful afternoon colors from my penthouse view

Continue reading

Love Letter: You are Good Enough

Dear You,

It is not that you are not good enough that people take you for granted and invalidate your feelings. You are always good enough even when you are clingy or needy because there’s no such thing as an invalid feeling. When you give your love and friendship, it’s hard not to be emotionally attached to a person. But the fact that you are able to give love and friendship and compassion, you are a gift. Because you see people beyond your world, you understand people’s needs beyond your own. Continue reading

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