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South Korea DIY: Geoge Island Travel Guide

As promised, although a bit late, here’s a travel guide when in Geoge Island!


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We have to thank my friend Acel for this ‘cause she’s done all the research for our South Korea trip. And to be honest, if not for her, I don’t think I could ever set foot in this island.

I chose to write about Geoge Island (pronounced as Goje or Koje) first because not many people are familiar of this place. Tourists normally flock to Seoul, Nami and Busan when in South Korea which is kind of disappointing coz my friends and I had the best time while in Geoge. Hopefully, this post will prod you to include the island in your itinerary.

I would like to assume that you’ve already read my suggested South Korea itinerary and that you will heed my advice of booking a PH to Incheon and Busan to PH flight itineraries. If you won’t, then you have to know that you will be wasting time and money if you insist in visiting Geoge and then going back again to Seoul to catch your flight going home.

Geoge is 4 hours away from Seoul and 1 hour away from Busan. The ideal itinerary should be Seoul – Geoge – Busan. You don’t need to sleep in Geoge. If you have extra day, you can sleep in Busan after touring Geoge.

How to get to Geoge Island from Seoul


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Wherever you are staying in Seoul, go to Seoul Nambu Bus Terminal station, within Orange Line in Seoul Subway. If you are staying at the same guesthouse we stayed in Seoul, then the closest train station is Hapjeong Station and Nambu Bus Terminal station is approximately 40mins away from Hapjeong.

From Hapjeong, take the Brown Line, get off at Yaksu Station (11 stations away) then transfer to Orange Line and alight at Nambu Bus Terminal station, 8 stations away from Yaksu. Download Subway Korea for easy reference.

At Nambu bus terminal, take an intercity bus bound for Geoge via Gohyeon. The earliest trip to Geoge is at 6:30AM and I can’t emphasize enough how you have to be at the terminal before that. If you can’t take this trip, then, might as well cancel. (I’m a control freak, you’ll get used to it.) Don’t worry about sleep as you have 4 hours of that in the bus.

To Oedo Island (외도 보타니아-해상관광농원)

Alight at Gohyeon Intercity Bus Terminal (in Geoge) and transfer to local bus #55 or #56. This will take you to Dojangpo Pleasure Boat Terminal. Note that there are 7 ports from where you can take a ferry to Oedo island but Dojangpo port is the closest to your next destination Windy Hill. In fact, the port is just a walking distance to Windy Hill.


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Upon arrival at Dojangpo port, buy ferry and admission tickets to Oedo island. The ferry boat has a tour guide but unfortunately in Korean only so just laugh along. Please don’t forget also to ask the tour guide or boat captain when you arrive at Oedo what time you should come back to the port. Take a picture of the ferry boat as it will be the same boat that will take you back to Dojangpo port. You will be given a badge though as identifier. If you miss your ferry going back, you’ll need to buy another ticket.


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The island tour must be done in just 1 hour and a half so please be back at the dock before time. If you are in a group, I suggest you tour the island in pair so as not to waste time waiting for everyone to finish taking individual photos.

Oedo, Geoge


How to Get to Windy Hill (바람의 언덕)


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From Dojangpo Port, walk for about 400 meters to Windy Hill. Note that you can start your Geoge tour with Windy Hill if in case there’s still no boat to Oedo Island or if you want to have lunch first before going to Oedo.

How to Get to Hakdong Mongdol Beach (학동몽돌해변)


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From Windy Hill, take bus #56 and alight at Hakdong Samgeori (3-way intersection) and walk for about 120M to the beach. It’s just beside the highway so don’t worry about getting lost.

Bus fare within Geoge is fixed, ₩1300 in cash or ₩1000 won using T-money card. This is already included in the 15k budget mentioned in my South Korea post. For intercity (local) island bus schedules, check here.

Geoge to Busan or Gimhae International Airport

Go back to Gohyeon Bus Terminal via same bus #55 or #56 and take a bus to Gimhae airport or Busan if you still need to stay there. For bus schedules from Geoge to airports (Incheon or Gimhae) or Geoge to Busan bus schedules, check here.

Tip: You will have difficulty finding people who can speak English in Geoge Island. So, if the driver can’t understand you or if you cant understand them,  just translate the destination in Korean and show them the translated words in your phone. Like the ones in the headings of this post.

Oedo Island Geoge

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