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When In Camiguin: Travel Guide and Tips (₱2,500 w/ airfare)

I did the math and found out you can save up to ₱917 in your two-day Camiguin tour when you follow my tips below. Most people neglect to consider these tips during their travels. But if you only know ahead before going to Camiguin, you can save half of your budgeted expense. It’s just simple actually. You just have to go there with your friends and family! Not a bad day to be single eh? I’m not saying you shouldn’t go there by yourself or with your partner, I’m saying invite your friends or family if you really want to save money.

The trick though is you must go there in a group of exactly 6 or 12 people. Find out how much you can exactly save when you follow my guide below.

How to Get to Camiguin

You have two options, via Bancasi airport (Butuan) or Laguindingan airport (Cagayan de Oro). But considering land trip, the fastest and cheapest way is via Butuan. Land trip to Camiguin is shorter by more than an hour and cheaper by ₱150 when you take a Butuan flight instead of Cagayan de Oro. Laguindingan airport btw is still 45 minutes away from CDO and bus fare is ₱100 while the terminal fee in this airport is ₱200 compared to only ₱150 of Butuan airport.

If you are from Cebu, there are direct flights from Cebu to Camiguin but they are rarely included in the promo fares. For the airfare, ours was ₱748 roundtrip ticket to Butuan via PAL. We booked it last March during PAL’s anniversary promo.

Bus fare (airconditioned) from Butuan to Balingoan Port is ₱202. If you take a non aircon bus, it has more stops but fare is only ₱150. Hail a bus en route to Cagayan at the highway outside Bancasi airport and tell the conductor to drop you at Balingoan Bus Terminal / Port. Take the earliest flight by the way to Butuan. No need to worry about sleep as you can have 3 hours of sleep in the bus and another hour in the boat to Camiguin Island. See ferry schedule below with fare of  ₱170.

Benoni Port - Balingoan Port Shuttle Ferry Schedule


Camiguin Island Tour


When you go to Camiguin, the cheapest means to tour the island as a group is by renting a multicab. If you insist on solo backpacking or traveling with your partner, charter a habal-habal (motorcycle) the entire day and haggle from ₱1000 until ₱800. Upon arrival in Camiguin Island, a lot of drivers will welcome you so no need to worry about booking ahead. But if you like, you can contact Carlo Dompor (our tour guide / multicab driver) at +639363056155. The best thing about renting a multicab is that you need not worry about your one-day itinerary anymore. The driver has that covered already. Camiguin is just a small island, in fact, the second smallest in the Philippines, which you can tour for just one day only. The rate for 1 day tour including driver is just ₱1500. That is why, if you want to save money, invite more friends to come with you. If you go there in a group of 6, you only pay ₱250 each and if you go there in 12, you only pay ₱125! (See what I did there?)

 Transportation Savings if 6 persons: ₱250

Sunken Cemetery

Sunken Cemetery

This is actually the reason why I have been meaning to go to Camiguin. I always see this picture in my news feed and I never really realize it’s a cemetery until I was already there. I just always thought of it as a cross in the middle of the sea. Hehe.

And because every penny counts, we will include this in the savings computation. Boat rent is ₱100 good for three people. No laughing, okay?

Boat Savings if in 12 or 6: ₱17

Other tourist spots included in your day tour are Katibawasan Falls, Tongatoc Cove, Tuasan Falls (picture below with my travel buddy Dory) Sto Nino Cold Spring and Ardent Spring. You may also request for other spots to the driver. After your day trip, the driver will drop you off at your guesthouse. 

Tuasan Falls Camiguin


There were three of us who went to Camiguin and the cheapest guesthouse we saw on the internet is Pabua’s Cottages at Yumbing, Mambajao. To our surprise upon arrival, their rooms are good for six people and it’s only ₱1700! Book ahead by calling them directly at (088) 387-9033 or +639064152557.

Accommodation Savings: ₱283

White Island (5AM-7AM)

That familiar feeling when I first saw Maria Cristina Falls two years ago was the same feeling I had when I was here two weeks ago. It’s not even about pride. It’s when you see beautiful creations like this, you are reminded on how far you have come, on how you thrive from nothingness. Sometimes, I don’t even understand how I deserved to witness all of this but I’m taking it all in. Because even when I can’t begin to measure its meaning, I understand that there’s no why in love. And in this video, this is love to me. I hope you guys find love in all your travels, too. 

How To Get To White Island

Now, you don’t need to rent a multicab in your second day in Camiguin. If you stay in Pabua Guesthouse, White Island is just a 2-minute walk from there. Be there before sunrise, at 5AM. The boat for rent at ₱450 is good for six people and the environmental fee is ₱20.

Boat Rent Savings: ₱150 each

Actually, you can include White Island in your 1st day but it’s best here in the morning before sunrise. Depending on your flight schedule also, you can still tour Mantigue Island for an additional expense of ₱630 (van, boat + Environmental fee). Just consider that going back to Butuan or Cagayan airport takes at least 4 hours. In going back to Benoni Port, there are multicabs outside the guesthouse. Just haggle for a ₱200 group fare . Otherwise, you’ll have to take a Van for a ₱100 fare each.

Breakdown of Expenses (6 persons)

For meals, there are restaurants and karenderyas everywhere. We mostly ate in karenderyas and spent just an average of ₱30 per meal. 

₱748 airfare
₱150 Terminal fee (Butuan Airport)
₱404 aircon bus to and from Balingoan Port
₱340 ferry boat to and from Camiguin Island
₱15 Balingoan terminal fee
₱250 multicab (6 persons)
₱33 boat to cross
₱30 Sto. Nino cold spring entrance
₱283 1 night accommodation 
₱75 boat to white island
₱20 White Island entrance fee
₱33 multicab to benoni port

Total expenses excluding meals: ₱2381

Savings Summary

₱150+ Butuan airport instead of Cagayan
₱250 multicab instead of habal-habal (6 people instead of 2)
₱17 Sunken cemetery boat
₱150 White Island Boat
₱283 accommodation
₱67 multicab to benoni port instead of Van

Total savings: ₱917

I will post soon Cagayan de Oro and Butuan travel guide. Keep updated by subscribing below. To see more stunning pictures of Camiguin, follow my instagram account.

Enjoy Camiguin guys and don’t forget to bring Lanzones at home!


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