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Love Letter: I Started Traveling Because of You Kate!

I’m three days late to the party but labanan natin ang kauwaw coz she deserves to feel loved and missed! To all of you who keep sending me messages about how I inspire you, well, this lady was(is) my inspiration.

Dear Kate,

You may not know this yet but you are actually the reason why I started traveling two years ago. 😭 You were my inspiration. I was your number 1 stalker back then. All your adventures and all the places you’ve been to, they became my bucketlist until I made my own, until I knew what I liked, what I wanted and where I wanted to be. I never really realized how small my world in Cebu was until I was introduced to your facebook account. I have one fb post of yours (jan. 1, 2014 post of yours) that’s been saved in my phone Notepad until now:

“This year, I met new friends, grew a plant, tried rapelling and wall climbing after college, enjoyed #tbf, watched a lot of sunsets, had a new boss and a new team and found a new appreciation for teas. This year I have been proud and happy for friends who got promoted, who passed the bar exam, who got engaged and who married the love of her life. 

This was also a year of sooo many firsts: first time to try archery, yoga, tai chi and atv, first time to fire a gun, change a flat tire, have root canal, try skim boarding, be a bridesmaid, ride an elephant, make a clay pot, climb Mt Apo, watch in a movie house alone, wear my own glasses, consult a card reader, speak to students about my career, jump off a 20ft cliff, try secret bars, spelunking, solo trip abroad, stay in a cruise ship, enrol classes on Vietnamese cooking, pole tricks, balloon art, painting and aerial silk tricks. First time to see whalesharks and turtles in their habitat, to see actual human bones in a cave.”

I’m sharing it to everyone ’cause this post changed my life. I’ll be happy to report to you though that almost two years later, I’ve ticked 5 out of all in that list already. Hahaha (5 lang?)

Anyway, happy birthday sa pinakabuotan, pinakagwapa, Katherine Eliseo!!!! I miss youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu 😭😭Did u find the the one na gyud tinuod? Haha. Echosera ra. Pero in case wap.a, gi share lang nako imong profile pic basin pa diay silingan ra nako imong the one. 😂😂

Thank you for being you Kate! I wish you happiness everyday, wherever you are, wherever you will be! 

When Pope comes back to PH, kuyog japun ta ha. Or let’s meet the Pope in Rome nalang? 



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  1. I dreamed of traveling around too, like what you do Jam! Maayo unta imo mi matudluan how you make the first leap in making that goal a realization. Thank you for inspiring people!

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