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SOUTH KOREA Tourist VISA Application Guide: Get Approved VISA by Following These Very Simple Steps

Applying for VISA is kind of scary especially when you find out there is this so-called show money. Not to mention having booked plane tickets and hotels already before obtaining one. It is so much easier when you visit countries that don’t require VISA. But when it is South Korea (SK) or Japan or Taiwan, all first-timers will probably have to go through that phase of constant dread of VISA rejection. 

But guys, after my friends and I applied for our SK VISA, believe me when I say there is honestly, really and surprisingly no need to fret about applying for one. Even when it is your first time to go out of the country. I know that because it was the first time for one of my friends to go outside the country when we visited South Korea. They say there’s a little chance for approval when your passport is still empty. But that is really just some crap by some really pessimistic friends of yours. 🙂

Anyway, as to the show money, unfortunately this is real but this is where your good old friends come really handy. Although if you are traveling more than six months from now, I don’t see why you can’t save at least ₱30,000 beforehand. Or like in my case, I was able to save ₱20,000. Then, I borrowed money from my friends two days before I applied and returned such when my VISA was approved. I shouldn’t probably be sharing that but everyone’s doing it so there you go.

South Korea Visa Requirements

Note: The requirements below are for tourists who are employees. If you are a student, a businessman, etc., visit the website of the embassy here for your applicable requirements.

  1. Application Form. You can download the form here. See also guide in filling out the form here.
  2. One piece of passport size colored picture. Common mistake with this requirement is that applicants submit a picture with their name on it. This is probably because they’re used to the board exam or passport application requirement. Don’t do this, my friend had to reprint her picture because of this mistake. Also, please bring more than one piece. They asked for two even when the requirement in the website says only one.
  3. Original Passport. Make sure your passport is still valid for more than six months. This means that the expiration date of your passport must be more than six months away from your application date. Also, please make sure your passport is still in perfect condition. A friend of mine thought her passport was still valid even with a single torn page. She got laughed at inside the embassy. This story is actually very funny but it’s not my story to tell. Hi dai!
  4. Photocopy of Passport Bio-page (page 2).
  5. Original Certificate of Employment. Your COE must include your position, date hired and compensation.  Indicate also your office address, HR landline number (cell-phone number not allowed) and e-email address.
  6. Original Personal Bank Certificate. This must include the account type, current balance, account opening date and the average daily balance (ADB). I don’t know with other banks but BPI charges  ₱100 for Bank Certificates. For this requirement, it is very important that your current balance is enough to convince the Embassy that you can afford this vacation. There is no specified amount for this but in my experience, at least ₱30,000 is enough already. For your ADB, I’m not really sure how much should this be for your VISA to be approved. But mine was  ₱19,000. In my opinion though, ADB is not really as important as the current balance because it could be that you just opened your bank account six months ago and you are using this account to save money for this specific vacation. If your account is newly opened, for sure the ADB is below  ₱10,000 unless at the opening date, you already deposited  ₱10,000 and you never withdrew the amount until the bank certificate date.
  7. Original or Certified true Copy of Bank Statements/Passbook for the last 3 months. Ask the bank personnel for this together with the bank certificate requirement above.
  8. ITR or BIR Form 2316 Copy. If you will be applying in Cebu Office, please make sure your BIR FORM 2316 is stamped and signed. Normally, employers don’t give the signed and stamped form to their employees. You have to ask your HR to provide you a photocopy. Two of my friends weren’t able to secure this from their HR. If this happens to you, don’t freak out, apply to the Manila office instead. Apparently, the office there isn’t as strict here in Cebu. Did you guys notice I’m just spilling beans everywhere?

Where to Apply

There are two offices where you can apply for your VISA:

  1. The Korean Embassy located at 122, Upper McKinley Road, Mckinley Town Center, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. Contact number is (02) 856-9210 visa local no. 270, 500, and;
  2. The Consulate in Cebu, 12th Floor, Chinabank Corporate Center, Lot 2, Samar Loop Cor. Road 5, Cebu Business Park. This building is accessible via 13C jeepney. Contact number is (032) 231-151(6-9).

If you are not from Cebu or Manila, find a friend from these cities to apply on your behalf. Send all your requirements including authorization letter. Make sure to send your friend dried mangoes with a thank you note for their time and effort. Offer also to pay their transportation expense. They have to go to the embassy twice, upon application and upon approval. 

How Much

There is NO VISA FEE as long as you will stay in Korea for no more than 59 days! God bless you SOUTH KOREA! 🙂

When to Apply

You can apply as early as a month before your scheduled trip. VISA application usually takes 3-5 working days but I applied a month before our trip. Thank goodness I did because there were few problems with my requirements. Like the unsigned BIR Form 2317 I mentioned above, I had to go back to the office and email our HR in Manila to provide me a copy.

Also, after I submitted my VISA requirements, the embassy called to conduct an interview. They asked me to secure a guarantee letter from my office manager, including a photocopy of her ID and passport. It was exhausting and frustrating tbh especially because my friends already got their VISAs from Manila while I was still gathering those additional requirements.  If you wish not to go through what I went through, I suggest you apply to Manila office instead. Although if you can secure beforehand a guarantee letter from your manager and submit it together with the requirements above, then there’s no need to send your requirements in Manila.  LBC rate is ₱165 (x2) btw.

About the interview, it’s nothing to worry about as long as you are applying in good faith, of course. They will just ask you where you work, where you live, where will you be staying in South Korea, who is with you during the vacation and whatnots.

Read here detailed itinerary of our awesome trip in SK!

Comment below if you need help. I will pray for your VISA approval, just please make sure you follow the steps above. No private messages in fb please. Thank you for reading (and sharing)!

Have a Sunny Someday!


  1. Hi! I need some advice and tips kasi we’re so worried about being denied sa visa because we already have plane tickets. 🙁
    Me, my husband and my sister are planning to go to South Korea next year. The problem is, me and my sister are both unemployed and will be sponsored by my husband (employed) . We are planning to stay there for like 5-7 days. Kailangan ba may sarili din kaming bank account ng sister ko for show money? Also, magkano dapat ang laman ng bank account ng husband ko for sponsoring the two of us? Lastly, anong additional docs ang need namin ipasa? Tia sa sasagot. 🙂

  2. Hello, just a question though..we’re just invited by a korean friend and will be the one to shoulder our trip. I am currently working right now but my mother who will be with me is just a housewife…is a letter of invitation would suffice for my mom to be approved anyways we will be opening bank account for her..thanks!

  3. Good evening.. I just want to ask if ano po ipapass ko if unemployed and walang ITR… planning to apply for SK Visa.. my friend will sponsor the trip .. di ko po alam kung ano ipapass ko.. hndi ko po kasi sya kasamang aalis. thank you po

  4. Hi, I just want to ask about my case that I’m currently unemployed and I want to visit korea in November. I just finished my contract in Japan last year October so I don’t have an ITR because it’s an overseas. And also I have my bank account and fund to treat myself . Is there a chance to approved my visa application even if I’m unemployed? Thankyou in advance.

  5. Hi Jam,

    Good afternoon i hope you can help me with my questions. Haha! Ive been reading a lot of blogs actually and nakita ko yung sayo and i cant help but ask. I will be applying for a tourist visa next month. Im currently employed in an Australian company for a year this coming June!

    I will be using my payroll account sa pagapply ang concern ko lng kasi is that late last year hindi ko iniiwan ng pera ung ATM ko as in literal winiwithdraw ko lahat dahil sabi ng mga kwork ko may instances daw kasi na ganon na kapag ndi mo inaalis pera baka ma auto debit o something na nababawasan ng di ko alam, out of paranoia ndi na nga ako nagiiwan. So this month i deposited 50k and ndi ko kinuha ung salaray ko for this month, and for next month i will deposit again and hindi ko rin ulit kukunin salaray ko.

    Do you think its a good idea yung ginwa ko? Thank you it will be a big help

    • Hi Angelica! no need to worry, same din tayo actually when i applied before hehe. nag deposit lang ako last minute. i dont think it will matter ang average bal. ang importante lang is you have enough end balance 🙂

      • Haha, ive been waiting for your respond. Haha! Also just a question ive been to norway before fiance visa yun eh so ive lived there for a 1 year and 5 months pero umuwi nmn ako non sa pinas for vacation for 3 weeks. Will it be considered na nakapag OECD countries na ako? Noong umuwi na ako ng pinas is way back November 2013! Nabasa ko kasi dapat daw as tourist daw dapat?

  6. Hello!! i just wanna ask my dad is unemployed at the moment and ofw siya paano po yung itr? and joint account kami pwede po ba yon gamitin for the requirement? im a student din po kasi kaya yung sa dad ko lang pwede ipakita PLS HELP :—(

  7. Hi miss jam! I already booked a flight to Korea for next month. I’ve been there last year with friends, and this 2018, my mom and sister is going with me and i’ll be the one who would sponsor their trip. My mom would be categorized as housewife while my sister is still unemployed for she just finished her class in the review school this May, with this what documents would I prepare for my mom and sister. Thanks in advance.

    • hi Jen. they still need to submit same documents. would be better if they have their own bank accounts and just transfer your money to them temporarily when they get their bank statement. if they really dont have, then just a write a letter that you’re sponsoring them. just make sure that your money in the bank is enough to support three people while traveling

  8. Thank you sa tips. Me and my husband got our multiple entry visa calid for 3 yrs using my bdo gold cc..But I want to say thank you kasi dmi ko natutunan s blog mo.

  9. Just wanna share my experience getting a visa. I just used my payroll account having less than 50k as a show money. Though I also have passbook savings account but most of the blogs I have read they prefer submitting a payroll, advantage daw kasi ung regular credits na nagrereflect and ung may continous transactions (withdrawals/ deposits)
    I also submitted a cover letter explaining my purpose of entry to Korea guys believe me it really works!! Hehe! Esp dun sa mga may kailangan iexplain like walang maprovide na ITR. In my case, ung bank cert ko di nakaindicate ung ADB kasi I opted to use my payroll I was advised by my Bank na di sila nagpoprovide ng adb pag payroll account. I also stated our HR office hours in case they conduct employee verification which is from 3pm-12am. I know it’s not the usual office hours kaya ininform ko na din ung embassy to avoid any chances of being denied kung sakali di nila macontact. Waited for 5 days for the result since Im a first time traveller and luckily I got single entry visa!! Got it just yesterday 😀 So ayun. Think positive lang din talaga and pray hard! Cause everything is possible with God’s guidance 🙂

    • Hi emz i just want to ask what bank are you using? Im also planning to apply for a visa next month and my payroll/saving account is metro bank. By the way yung ginwa ko kasi don sa payroll ko na ATM, winiwithdraw ko lhat ng pera kasi im so afraid sa mga auto debited machines na sinasabi na baka macharge ako or biglang mabasan pera sa loob. Ngsimula lng nmn late last year. But this month i deposited 50k money and ndi ko nadin kinuha monthly salary ko for this month. Is this okay?

  10. Stumbled upon this blog and Im learning a lot esp Im planning to visit korea next month. 🙂 Just a question lang po, can I submit both of my payroll and savings account? instead na itransfer ko pa ung nasa savings ko to my payroll, Im avoiding po kasi being suspicious kung bigla sila makakita ng large amount in one go sa payroll ko. Naisip ko po na i keep nalang ung nasa savings ko then pareho ko sila isubmit as my show money. Okay lang po kaya un? Would there be any conflict? Thanks for answering 🙂

    • Ako yung payroll account ko yung gamit ko. Approved ako. 🙂 Mas preferred nila yung payroll account kasi proof rin yun na employed ka and regular na may pumapasok na salary sa account mo. I think mas advantage yun.

      • Hi Miseriadiary! Just wanna ask when did you stare putting funds sa payroll mo? was it gradually? like 6mos earlier before ka nagsubmit ng visa? or one time dep ka? Hope for your response. thank you! ❤️

        • Hi Yanna. Gradual lang. Nagstart ako mag keep ng travel fund ko last December using my payroll account then nag apply na ko ng visa ko last February. Approved naman sya. 🙂 Basta complete mo yung listed na requirements and wala namang issue sa employment mo, malaki yung chance of approval kahit first time traveller ka. Ako first time ko to travel abroad. 🙂

      • HI miseriadiary I was really worried because I do not have a savings account and I am applying for Visa.

        Thanks for the info that it is okay to use my payroll account. I really appreciate it. So it is really okay not to open a savings account for visa application so long as you have a payroll account right?

        • Hello Abigail. Yes. You can use your payroll account just make sure that you have enough money on the account, more than your estimated expenses on your travel. They don’t look at at the type of account, they are more concerned if you are employed that’s why payroll acct is better.

  11. hi, can someone help me? whats the best way para magrant ang visa. im currently unemployed. i just came back from qatar last september. then my aunt wanted me to go with her in SK for tour. i have my own bank account. but im thinking san ako magapply? im not a student, im not housewife, and i dont have yet my own business.but I have enough money to travel.. i have my COE before in qatar.. thanks sa tutulong..

    • hello, I know I’m not the best person to help you but our situation was the other way around. My aunt and I were both given visas just this January. She was also an OFW before and came back last 2012. She is also single. What we did was I sponsored her and declared her as unemployed. In her application were her bank documents and mine as well. The rest of the needed requirements were from me. Hope this helps.

      • a big thanks. just wanted really to have idea. but can i ask? what will be my requirements? only my bank account is okay? how about my aunt? she currently have her business, she just retired two years ago i think. for the basic requirements like itr, mayor permit, dti permit, my aunt have all this. what else she need po? sorry. makulit po.

        • No worries. My aunt passed her passport, other necessary photocopies and her bank documents. We also passed a notarized affidavit of support. I don’t know if it helped but I also attached an explanation letter regarding her unemployed status, hotel booking and itinerary. I don’t know much about the requirements for businessmen as I am employed. Just follow and complete what is indicated on the embassy’s website. God bless!

        • Also, I made sure my bank account has savings good for two persons.

      • Helllo po me and my sis would like to apply for sk visa .same as your case , but Im just curious what did you put in the explanation letter po thank you in advance for your help.God Bless

        • Hello Annie, I wrote that she was the one who financed my college education and to show my gratitude I am sponsoring her for the trip.

  12. Hello po! It is my first time traveling out of the country at super kinakabahan po ako sa pag-aapply for SK visa especially about sa ‘show money’. Intended stay po namin ng friend ko is 7 days pero okay lang po ba na ilagay namin sa visa application na intended stay ay 5 days? Since estimate ko na hanggang 50k lang ang maiipon ko before kami mag-apply for visa on April. Sa tingin nyo po ba ay okay na ang 600USD para sa estimated travel cost for 5 days?
    Sorry po sa madaming tanong. Hehe. Super worried lang talaga ako about sa money. Thank you very much!

  13. Hi, is it worth it to go to Oedo Island? Because based on your expenses, it’s too costly to get there. I’m going to visit SoKor this April. And I’m looking for places to visit to be included in my itinerary. 🙂

    • Hi what can I show other requirements since i don’t have adb and they need adb but my bank is new so it means I don’t have it. And also I don’t have pay roll cause the company give the salary on cash. What should I submit then?

      • Still, bank statement is a requirement. I think they don’t really look on the amount of adb but they want to check if you are employed, so it’s better to use a payroll account. But since your salary is cash, you may ask for a certificate from your employer that they are paying you cash and include the date since when you started earning from your employer.

  14. Hello. I just submitted my documents today for visa application. I’m too worried right now because I printed the application form on a short bond paper instead of A4 size. The employee who initially scanned my documents didn’t say anything about it even the consul who took my documents. Do you think it will be an issue? 🙁

  15. hello maam, ask lang ko ug help maam, taga cebu d i ko maam. 🙂 im planning to apply for korean visa this end of the month, good for 2 months naa koy invitation letter sa ako sis, im a private school teacher and gamay ra ako sweldo, i have a 100k balance sa ako account. my problem is wala koy ITR,.is it ok to pass an affidavit of non- filing of income tax return? thanks in advance.. god bless you 🙂

  16. Hello Maam! Quick question regarding the requirements, my family and I are planning to visit SK soon. My father is a seafarer and I’m not sure which requirements he will need to travel as a tourist? I’m confused between the requirements for Employees and Seafarers. Thank you in advance!

  17. hi po, im a minimum wage earner.but have 50k in my savings and have a Bdo gold credit card. What are my chances to get approved?

    • My possibility ban ma approved young visa ko my mayors permit Ako my cor,itr Ako complete ung requirements ko at ung passbook ko 150k angnillman nya kso in and out ang pera

  18. Hi po. I’m planning to apply visa this March 2018. I have 23k in my bank account and I will borrow money to my friend to make it 30k+ kagaya po ng ginawa po na 2days before nag apply ng visa. First travel ko po ito if ever, kinakabahan po ako. Tapos yung ITR ko po 2016 lang po mabibigayc ng employer ko as of now kasi yung 2017 papapirmahan palang po nila sa BIR sa february 28.

    • hi did you get approved for the south korean visa? thanks i got the same situation as yours. hehe

      • Cherry Soriano

        March 19, 2018 at 7:56 am

        Hi ann. I just submit my requirements today at the Embassy. Yung koreana from window 2 she just check all my documents and give me claim stub parang wala pa yatang 5minutes yun. Malalaman ko pp result next monday. Hopefully maaproved po ako. Before i submit my requirements, I also do many research about it, may nakausap ako below 30k pero nya at first time out of the country nya but she still approved. Maybe the important thing to consul is makita nila na may stable kang trabaho dito, na babalik ka talaga. And kumpleto requirements. Hopefully maapproved po tayo. 😇

        • Hello, i just want to ask if na approved ba documents mo for sk visa? how is it?

          • Cherry Anne Soriano

            July 23, 2018 at 5:28 am

            Hi shan. Sadly my visa denied huhu😭😭 I have 34k in my bank account and submit all the requirements but i dont know why they denied it. Pero try ulit ako next year 😊

  19. Hi will it be an issue if my companion forgot to put his previous travel? And in funding details he put NA in all boxes instead of his name and Myself? We are thinking of calling the embassy if it will be an issue so he can resubmit his application form. Has anyone experience this things? Do u think it will be an issue?

  20. Hi, i also borrowed some money from my friends since I only have 30k in my acct. I already have a bank statement and cert. Should i return the money after i get approved? I’m planning to return the money na ksi i already have a bank statement.. thank you.

    • hi did you got approved for the south korean visa? thanks i got the same situation as yours. hehe

    • hi. question, did you withdrae the money after getting you bank statement and bank certificate or after na na makuha mo yung visa? i have the same issue kase. hope to hear from you. thank you

  21. Hello! I just wanna ask, I’ll be travelling solo kasi. Will it be an issue if I show up at the embassy and apply for the visa alone? I have complete requirements naman and have around 80k sa bank account. I’m gonna be there for just 5 days. I’m just afraid na pag nakita nilang I’ll be travelling alone eh i-decline nila.

    • Hi there,i don’t think travelling alone will be a problem…if you have all the requirements needed then you’re good to go👍😉

  22. Hi Miss Jam! I wanted to travel with a friend to SK. However she is unemployed at the moment. She used in Saudi. She is planing to go to Dubai sponsored by her sister after our supposed SK travel. She is currently waiting for a Dubai visa. My question is, in which category could she apply as she is ubemployed, not married and not a student. Is SK embassy only allowing those people who are candidate for those categories? (Employed, married and student)? I am shouldering all our expenses in SK and I believe my bank account is sufficient for both of us. I am an Australian permanent resident and has a fulltime job as a nurse. Also, can we apply together and can I make a waiver or a declaration that I will be paying for the trip? Thank you in advance for your help.

    • Franz Nikko Ruadap

      January 17, 2018 at 4:59 pm

      Yes thats my problem also im unemployed. But we have family business.. anong category kaya and doesnt mean na maliit ang chance mapproved visa ko? Sana may sumagot. Thanks

  23. Hi! My cousin and I will br apying for Visa on Monday. However upon checking my Bank Cert there is no ADB. Do you think it will affect my application? Thanks in advance. 😊

    • My ADB is just 1peso but my visa was approved! 😊

      • I also have the same problem. I just got my bank certificate earlier today and when I checked it after I left the bank, there was no ADB written. Will that affect my application?

        P.S. planning to submit the requirements this week or next week for March 2018 trip.

      • The embassy called me to submit new bank certificate with adb today supposedly yesterday was the release of result of visa but I don’t have adb im worried what to give to embassy

      • How much is the total amount of your show money? I can provide atleast 40k kaso my problem is ung pera ko as in sobrang in and out aside from stable job nag oonline ako kaya minsan wala natitira pero madami activity in and out ung bank ko, okay lang kaya un?

        • Hi Gin. ang importante lang talaga is your statement balance. kahit the day before 1k lang basta as of the day you get your bank statement, you have the 40k end balance

  24. My bank cert balance is 39k and my last transaction in the bank statement is 53k. Will i have any issues considering my show money in cert is less then 50k ?

    • Hi, mine was just 21k. It will depend on how much ang nilagay mo sa application mo para sa budget niyu paKorea. Since 3 days lang diniclare namin, $300 lang nilagay ko which is 15k lang sa pesos, so basically sobra ang show money ko na 21k. So mgdedepende yan sa nilagay mo sa application. By the way 6 days kami don, ngdeclare lang kami nang 3 days kasi konte lang money namin hihi hope maaprove ka! All the best! 😉👍🏻

      • Hi! If 6 days kayo nag stay don and 3 days lang and dineclare mo, hindi ba nila makikita sa itinerary nyo or sa ticket yung bilang ng days ng stay nyo? 🙂

  25. Hi! your blog is so informative 🙂 Quick question, I wanted to bring one of my aunts with me in Korea. She’s unmarried and doesn’t have kids .. can I be her “sponsor” for the trip, even if I’m just her niece?
    I’m a constant traveller and I believe I have strong economic ties to prove that I can support her travel.. however, I’m worried that being a “sponsor” only means that you have to be an immediate family member..

    Hoping for your response. Thanks in advance! 🙂

    • Hi, I don’t know if I can be of help. I sponsored my aunt who is unemployed and single and we just got our visas today. There’s no harm in trying. Good luck!

      • Thanks so much! 🙂 your bank docs are the ones you submitted for your aunts application right? Do I still need to write an affidavit of support? 🙂

        • Yes I submitted also my bank docs in her application after nong kanyang bank docs. For reference we applied here in Cebu. Hindi pa umabot ng 6 months iyong bank account. Yes, nagpagawa kami ng notarized affidavit of support and explanation letter of her current status as unemployed.

          • Is there a template for the affidavit of support and explanation letter you used? Sorry dami questions. 😔 thank you in advance!

            • No problem, I will answer as much as I can. For affidavit of support, the attorney’s office has their template already and it was edited for us. I personally made the encoded explanation letter addressed to the korean consulate. I explained why my aunt is unemployed as of the moment and the reason why I wanted to be her sponsor.

  26. Hi 🙂

    Ask ko lang. Kasi I’m worried about my bank account, I just opened my account in BDO last November 2017, and we already bought plane tickets to Korea on March 2018. E diba parang 6 months ata dapat yung bank account, pero kasi TD account ko yun na cinlose sa AUB and trinansfer ko lang sa BDO as savings account. So in short parang nagpalit lang ako ng bank. Pwede kaya yun? 🙂

    And may isa pa akong bank account kaya lang may ka-joint ako dun and wala masyadong galaw since nakaTD din un, ok lang kaya un? 😀 Hehe

    Thank you.

  27. hi! question po.. I’ll be graduating this june and we booked our flight for july, so most probably di pa po ako grad pag mag-apply ako for visa question is as student pa rin po ba application ko?

  28. Hi Ms. Jam! Happy New Year!!I loved your blog thank you for all the info.I want to apply for SK VIsa but I just wanna ask about the requirements for self employed I have a franchise foodcart business but I just started. .would it be ok if I cant submit an ITR?

  29. Hello. Both me and my boyfriend are VAs so no ITR. How can we go about the processing? Also joint account ang bank namin. Can we present that in our application?

    • By the way, I read in other articles that all docs has to be issued within 3 months of application. ITR is usually given January or day of end employment. Do we still need to request for a new ITR copy?

  30. Hi. I am applying next week for a korean visa, i am a female solo traveller and sana kung ma-approve first time mag-ouf of the country. Totoo ba na maliit yun chance na ma-approve kung mag-isa lang? Kumpleto ako ng requirements, and steadily working for 9 years na din.

  31. Jobelle Marie Colmenares

    December 6, 2017 at 10:32 am

    Hi miss Jam.. good day! I just want to ask po sana maybe you have an idea po, I’m an OFW then i’m planning to visit South Korea on my vacation, but i don’t have personal bank account sa Pinas, can I use my mothers bank account instead? I only have 2months vacation sa pinas lang kasi.. Thank you in advance. 😊

    • Hi Jobelle. Is your mom coming with you in your trip to Korea? If yes, you may use her account. OR if you have a joint account, then it’s fine. If not, that’s gotta be a big problem.

  32. Hi Ms. Jam!I would like to clarify things.You said you have 30k in your account but still you borrow money for your friend.So,overall how much money did you show to the console.Your reply will be very appreciated.Thank you so much.

  33. I’m an online freelancer and I don’t have an ITR (BIR). Is it really needed? Do you have advice for this? T_T

  34. Hi girl! Very informative post. Pero just a quick question… 🙂

    So I borrowed money rin from my bestfriend, pandagdag lang naman. Last Friday lang naitransfer yung money then plan ko by Friday next week kuha na ako ng Bank Certificate and Statement then Monday (Nov 20) apply na ako for VISA, would it be okay if iwithdraw ko na yung money na hiniram ko after ko makuha yung certificate and statement by Friday para maibalik ko? Or mas okay if after nalang maapprove yung VISA? 😀

    Thanks! 🙂

  35. Hi. Im work as a VA online and the company im currently employed at is US based. I receive my monthly salary via paypal but they dont deduct us any tax or sss, etc. i also dont have an ITR so magpass lang ako explanation letter. Do I fall ba under the employed category or self employed dapat? Im also somewhat a contractor and may clients ako na may contract kami. Btw, is a signed quotation with conforme considered a contract?

  36. Hi miss, you have a really nice post. Mas na-inspire tuloy ako and gusto ko nang pumunta ng SoKor right away! Haha. I just want to ask though, I hope you don’t mind. I’m still studying, and my brother’s about to have his first job na. Okay lang ba kung hindi pa siya matagal sa work niya pero okay naman yung laman ng bank account niya. Also, okay lang ba kung siya yung mag-sponsor ng trip ko kahit hindi ko siya kasamang mag-ttravel? Thank you in advance!

    • First, it’s nice to know that you’re enthusiastic on visiting Korea. 🙂 To answer some of the questions, I think if he is at least 6 months on the job, it will prove the applicant/sponsor’s “economic ties” with PH. Second, it’s okay if he’ll sponsor you. Just attach an affidavit of support, notarized, and birth certificate to prove relationship of applicant to sponsor/support. 🙂

  37. Hiii. I am worrying kasi my family is planning to visit Korea but for the visa, my parents aren’t married yet and my mom is a housewife. nakalagay kasi required yung marriage contract. my dad will fund our trip btw so I’m wondering as to what category my mom should choose for her visa? Thank you T_T

    • Hi Monique,

      For your mom’s application, I think you have to choose (Never Married) Category and place your Dad’s Name as her sponsor. So in this case, you dont need to present a Marriage Certificate. Same as your dad’s Application, you choose the (Never Married) Category. Just ensure that your application and your mom’s application has your Dad’s Name as the sponsor of the travel.

  38. Hi, I would just like to ask kasi I’m getting nervous on how much show money should I put in my bank account. Is it okay for a minimum of 35k for a week stay in Korea? Thank you for the tips! 🙂

    • Honestly, there is no specific amount required for the visa. I think the embassy will look on your stability status both financially & work status and the number of days you will stay in their country. Just to be sure, just deposit as much as you can to ensure approval of the visa.

  39. Hi! 🙂 ask ko lang po if mag mmatter po iba if yung mga documents ko na request ko ng earlier (October 13)? then mag apply ako ng visa sa first week pa ng november (November 6)

    • Hi Sally,

      I think it will matter more on the bank statements you have requested but you can still use the documents as long as the balance you have as of October 13 is still the same as of November 6.

  40. Hi po maam sonny planning to apply visa employed po aq sa brgy as councilor then pwede na ba yun para sa COE at ang kulang ko nalang po yung may i deposit po ako sa account ko ask lang po kung mg kaon yung maximum na pera ang i deposit ko para sa bnk statement at certificate ? Hoping ypur response thank you po.

  41. Hi I read your blog about korean visa hehe ask ko lang sana if may chance ma approve yung application namin I will be travelling with my parents this November pero fresh graduate and currently no official work ako pero parents ko naman magfund sa trip hehe graduation gift lang nila sa akin may chance kya na ma approve yung visa?Thank you 🙂

    • Affidavit of support will be sufficient and if you have your own savings account will also help. My partner has no work but was able to get a visa last year for our SK trip. Also, I noticed they are very lenient when it comes to family trips.

    • Hi Memo,

      For your application, since you will be travelling with your parents, you can put your parents as the sponsor of your trip. Also, you bring your diploma to show the embassy that you are still a fresh graduate. I am not sure what other documents need to be presented. You can call the embassy ahead of time to ask for this matter. Korea Embassy Philippines Tel : (63-2) 856-9210 visa local no. 270, 500.

    • Hi! I have the same situation now. What documents did you submit? Thank you in advance!

  42. Hi, 2 years na yung bank account ko but its not active like 20 pesos lang for the past 7 months ang laman. Then nilaguan ko ulit sya ng laman last 13th this month around 50k. I’m planning to apply for visa this nov 13th. Sigiro around 150k na laman ng bank ko. Ok lang kaya un?

  43. hi! I have a question, kakaopen ko lang ng bank account last august 31 and mag aaply na ako this wednesday, okay lang kaya yun kahit yung bank statement na nakalagay is 0 for the past months?, yung balance ng account ko is nasa 200k, ninenerbiyos lang ako kasi baka maquestion

  44. Hi! I’m planning to visit SK hopefully before the year ends. Kailangan po ba na may plane ticket at hotel booking na bago mag apply ng visa? Pwede po ba ang ITR from previous employer ko issued in 2015? Wala po kc akong work ng 2016 may small business kami kaya di muna ako nag apply ulit. Employed po ulit ako ngayon sa bpo since February, 2017. But our HR said itr will be given early next year. Thanks in advance po. God bless

  45. Hi! Question lang po okay na kaya yung ITR 2016 from previous employer? Kakastart ko lang kasi sa bagong company mga 4 months ago..thanks!

  46. Hi Sunny, Tanong ko lang ilang months ba valid ang visa sa korea ? thanks. I wanted to visit korea for my birthday nextyear kasi 🙂

  47. Hi sunny! I will be applying sk visa next next week..i have plane ticket na…nov. Kami aalis. ..been reading blogs about this and im really scared na. My concern employed but my salary is below 10k .. Governtment employee ako for 4 yrs. Will it affect my application? I have around 25k sa payroll bank account ko and i have around 50k sa personal savings account ko. I opened this account on april for this trip. Do u think enough na ito? We have small family business but yung nga lang walang proper business permit ksi di talaga na asikaso.

    • Hi Ally. as long as you have enough money (75k is more than enough already) saved in the bank, okay lang kahit medyo hindi malaki ang sweldo 🙂 praying for your visa na ma – approve 😂🌞🙏🏽

      • Thanks very much! Yes sana ma approved talaga! Been wanting to go to sk. GOD is great!

      • Hi Ms. JAM Im planning to apply for korean visa , is it okay if I only have a foodcart business as my source of income ..what docs do I need to aubmit? Thanks a lot.

    • HI Miss Ally! Was your application approved?

      I know a government employee na 6000 pesos lang ang laman ng bank account niya but she was approved. However, her salary is around 28.5k a month being an employee in DOST (regular).

    • Hello.. goodevening ko. Ask ko lang po.. im just a minimum wage earner so yun po ang marereflect sa coe at itr ko.. maaapektuhan po kaya application ko? And wala paden ako exprerience out of the country .. pero .. macocomply ko nman po ang lahat ng requirements. 4 years na po ako sa work but 75k lang lman ng bank ko..

  48. Hello! I just recently graduated last June 2017. I’m planning to go to Korea with my family this coming October. I’m currently working as a freelance graphic designer and I went to Japan last year. Our diplomas aren’t given out yet because we can only get them after a year.

    Having said that, can I just submit (1) Copy of COR from BIR, (2) Copy of my parent’s ITR & Bank Cert, (3) Copy of my Japan VISA on my passport, (4) Copy of Affidavit saying that I’m a freelance graphic designer, and (5) Copy of TOR?

    Hope you respond asap! Thanks 🙂

  49. Hi Ms. Jam! Would like to ask if the bank statement should be signed? What was given to me by the bank is a print-out of my bank statement, no signature or whatever. I know this is different from the bank certificate which is a signed document. Would you know if there will be an issue if the bank statement is just a plain print-out? Thank you so much!

  50. Hi. I have this dilemma right now. I am an OFW and dili na nako i renew ang ako contract after ma end in 2 years (which is hapit na). I am planning to treat myself for a vacay sa SOKOR after my contract ends. That will make me “unemployed” as of the moment. Ask lang me if my chance for acquiring korean visa is close to nil or naa pa me pwede mapakita to increase my chance of getting one?

  51. hi, hope you can help me, ive been reading a lot blogs and im very anxious right now. we were supposed to apply for our visa next week, unfortunately I have to change the date of our application because of my bank requirement. I was supposedly use my cooperative savings certificate until I read a blog that it is only considered as a secondary document and I still need to have a bank certificate, statement with adb. My only bank account is my payroll, which I do a lot of withdrawals because I only use it to pay my bills and expenses. I kept my saving in cooperative account. with these, I just deposited 30k to my payroll and not to do any withdrawal until next month (oct) then there will be another deposits from my salary ( 15th, 30th of September and 15th of October) before I request for my bank cert., statement and adb. do you think it will be enough to submit both payroll and coop savings cert. when I apply for my visa? or do I need to write a letter that I intent to use my coop savings for my travel? payroll and coop saving are both 6 years since it was opened. I really want to stay positive, hope you can enlighten me with my problem. thank you In advance for your help.

    • hi suzie! you can use your payroll account. no problem at all even if it has fluctuating balances as long as you have enough end balance as of bank cert date for the travel. my friend used her payroll account also. it had less than 10k adb when she submitted her bank cert

      • hi, i have another question, which is more important? the bank statement or bank cerrificate. i will be requesting for my bank statement at an earlier date dahil 1 month processing daw po kasi un. is it ok if the bank statement has only 35k and my end balance in my bank certificate will be 45k? within 1 month po kasi na un may mga deposits pa na paoasok. thank you po.

  52. Hi,

    Do I have to book ahead (for hotels and tickets) before applying for the visa? Baka kasi hindi ma approve, sayang yung plane tickets. I’m planning to go with my sister but she’s still a student.

  53. hello ms. sunny, i want an advice kay mo apply mi ug korean visa sa akong auntie next year pero dili first degree nga auntie anak sa igsuon sa ako lola. OFW ni siya for ten years then ni settle na dri sa ph pag 2012. naa siya sari sari store ug nahalinan siya ug yuta. ako unta siya sponsoran para sa among visa. asa mas maau mo apply siya separately as unemployed or sponsoran nako siya? salamat

  54. Hi.. Planning to apply visa.. Dapat ba nimo ingnon nga nakabook na ka og plane ticket and hotels ahead sa interview?
    Thank you God bless

  55. Hi Jam! Would it be a red flag kung yung bank account ko, kakaopen lang last June 2017? Will be traveling by end of October. Worry ko lang wala pang 6 mos bank account ko 🙁

  56. hi.unemployed po ako ngayon kakaresign ko lang last june 2017. meron po kming joint account ng partner ko. we are not yet married so im just wandering what can i do para ma approve yung visa… i have my personal bank account too and my auntie will be travelling with us, if magprovide po ba ng affidavit of support yung auntie and partner ko for me pwede na kaya yun? possible to have a visa? kinabahan kasi ako sa sinabi po na “no work no visa” i’ve been to japan and korea as well pero nung HS pa po aq matagal na. went to hkg last 2013. makakaadd po ba ng chance yun? thanks in advance!

    • Hi Kels 🙂 yes you can have your aunt support you. write a letter nalang that you’re travelling with her. 🙂 and definitely yes you’ll have greater chance na ma approve ang visa if you’ve travelled to other countries already. meron kasi yun sa form, list of countries you’ve been to. 🙂

  57. Hello, just wondering what if i made a mistake in writing down the date format in my visa application? Will i get denied because of that?

  58. Hello! I have read your blog for several times already since we’ll be going to SoKor on December — and im really praying (and claiming 👌) na we’ll get approved visas!
    Question tho — you mentioned you had 20k initially and borrowed 2 days before you applied — sabi sa ibang blogs they do not recommend to deposit huge amount ng biglaan esp before the day of application — but I think you were the 3rd person who suggested this — so we can safely say that it is purely OK?
    Work in progress din kasi ang fund ko for bank cert kaya panay about this ang binabasa ko 🙂 Hope to hear from you soon — gomawo!

  59. Hi, I was just wondering regarding the bank statement. Do you happen to know if the ADB really matters? Like, I’m not sure how that’s computed. I have a 5-year old deposit account. I own a business which is just 2 years old. Most of my money in the bank are in and out transactions. We’re talking about tens or even hundreds of thousands, but as I’ve mentioned, in and out yung transaction dito since revolving fund siya for the business. Do you think I’ll get approved?

  60. HI Miss. What if yung bank account ko is joint account. Pwede po ba yun? Thanks

  61. Hello miss. Just wanna know saang category po kaya ako mag-aapply since I plan to travel to SoKor later this year, pero graduating na ako. By then, baka wala na ako ma-present na school cert. Any advice? Thanks.

  62. Okay lng ba n gmitin ang checking account for bank cert?

  63. Hello po. Ask ko lng po regarding this subject- my sister went to the US from october 2011 to april 2012. But our visa expired in 2012. Is this still applicable for the 5 years oecd countries? Thank u so much!

  64. Hi! It’s my dream to go Korea but I am currently unemployed. Will I get approved if I will apply for a tourist visa? Anyway I have my savings from my previous job but I don’t have the certificate of employment. Please answer. Thanks in advance! 🙂

  65. This was really helpful since I’ve been trying to do some reading beforehand when it comes to applying for a visa to Korea.. My college student cousin and I are planning to go there on her Christmas vacation break . I was a bit hesitant since my worry is my bank statement. I don’t have savings and I only use my bank for my payroll .. Is 10k okay to save on it? Since I have to borrow the money 🙁 .. May aunt kami sa Ulsan na gaurantee naman namin ng place to stay …

  66. Hi! Thanks for this wonderful blog entry. Just curious though, how many days did you declare as your intended period of stay?

  67. Thank you for this detailed guide. I am planning to visit Korea during the semester break that would be October-November 2017, should I apply now? How early should I apply? My concern is if I apply now and get approved, do I need to travel right away? How long is the validity of the visa?

    Also, I am in Samar and I am a first time traveler. Do I have to submit the application in person? Or could I submit an application through my sister (who is working in Manila)?

    Thanks again!

  68. Hi, ilanv days validity ng bank certificafe and bank statement?

  69. Hi,

    What if wala ako bank account? What are the other option i may use?


  70. Hi, I need help, do you think okay lang na dili stamped ang BIR 2316 form but signed and certified by the company ? I asked a copy of a singed and stamped 2316 form form our HR sa Manila but she said na di sila mo provide ug stamped but advised me to have it certified by our HR here in Cebu. I was planning sad to go sa BIR para ako nlng mag pa stamp pero ako RDO naa sa Manila and I’m from Cebu so murag d ra sad pwd.

    BTW i always visit you site . This inspired me to book a ticket and go to Korea. visa nlng kuwang 🙏Thanks ☺️☺️

    • hi EC. you can try pero akong friends, wa gyud cla sugti man so ni.apply nalang sila sa Manila. nagpadala ra sila ug authorization letter. basin dili na kaayo strikta, i try lang then moingon ra na sila didto gyud. myta dawaton but if not, sa Manila nalang mo apply, pamalihug lang ug friends nga taga didto

      • Hi 🤗 . I just want to thank u jud . Tungod ani na blog maka adto na jud ko korea 🙂 . Na approve na among visa 🎉🎉 . hehehe

        BTW: gidawat ra d.i sa consul ang akong 2316 nag hatag lang jud ko letter of explanation. Salamat kaayo ☺️☺️ .

  71. Hi. I would just like to ask if it’s okay to submit a bank certificate and a bank statement from a checking account? And does the ADB really matter? (Just in case we plan to borrow for the “show money”). Thank you.

    • Hi J, checking account is fine. for ADB, it doesn’t really. mine was just 10k i think.

      • Mine too was just 9k thou naa big movements ako acct. by the way i was approved. Prayers ang most powerful after trying everything doing right sa requirements. Wasnt able to provide 2316 too but i provided my BIR cert of reg of my newly registered biz.

        • Hi Miss Hanna,

          I just registered sa BIR this july under self employed. I’m wondering if I still need a letter of explanation for having no ITR 🙂 and is it okey if I follow the requirements under business pero I wont be able to submit a mayor’s permit since my work is done online. Hope you can help me out. Thanks! 🙂

          • I submitted a letter addressed sa consul explaining why ang cert of reg (COR) ra ako ma hatag.

            Need jud nila ang biz permit and dti.. mao jud ang nadugayan sa ako pag apply, ang biz permit hapon sa holyweek na wensday april 12..
            (i applied for the visa sa april 17th na, flight was 22nd)..

            Supposedly released date was april 26 na..

            Ako lang gihapon geh apply so pag april 18 ila ko geh inform na pwede na nako makuha april 21 ako passport..

            • Hi! Wala koy Business/Mayor’s permit and wala sad ko moregister sa DTI or SEC kay akong fullname man akong giregister sa BIR as trade name. Ok ra kaha if ITR and COR ra akong isubmit?

              • Online freelancer diay ko and most of my clients are from Upwork. Di ko sure if I can submit a Certificate of Employment, ok ra ba if Certificate of Earnings from Upwork and screenshots sa contracts sa current clients nako akong isubmit? Naa sad kot letter of explanation iapil just in case.

                • Pwede kaau eh apil nimo nah as supporting documents sa imong explanation letter. They are kind and considerate.

                  • Fashion shop lang biz ko. Kaka apply ko lang nun sa permits and before that i was unemployed.

                    Passport size pic
                    Mayors permit
                    Dti permit
                    No ITR but my biz reg sa BIR pinasa ko
                    Bank cert
                    Bank statement
                    Application Form
                    Ininclude ko na din bookings hehe

                    Application letter with explanation why i dont have and the asking of grant ng visa ko plus my why’s going to South Korea. Which i said na i wanna meet my long time bf kasi 1yr na kaming di nagkikita plus mga echos na totoo heheheehe

                    They grant me twice still lack the same document.

                    • Thanks for the reply maam, sorry but I’m just making sure that I’m doing the right thing to have an approve visa thats why I keep on asking ..If you dont mind may I ask how much is the capital to put up a fashion shop? thanks a lot.

                • Naa ko nabasa same sa imo na approve. Ni submit lang jud necessary docs like proof imong payment from upwork. Online sd toh iya work ni wala nag tax sa BIR. Iya lang jud geh han-ay og pasa tanan necessary documents.

            • Hi I just wanna ask what type of business do you have? I only have dti and mayors permit but dont have BIR reg. Right now as I just started. Would this have a chance to have my sk visa approve ? Thanks a lot.

              • We have same situation. U need to make application letter then eh explain why wa ka ITR, but beed eh sumbit ang COR from BIR in exchange sa ITR.
                I got approved. Hehe

          • Hi there, same her I’m a bit afraid applying for tourist Korean Visa. We will apply end of this month,travel will be end of March to April. Were excited to book the flight last year and booked our accomodation using Air BnB. I will be using may payroll account dahil yon yong mas active (nabasa ko pwede daw) I did saved since last January pero mas marami withdrawal don tapos nag withdraw ulit ako dahil nagka emergency baka total amount nun is 30k lang up to this months sahod, hope maaprove. (Praying hard*).

            • Hello. May i know if your visa was approved?

            • Just add lang talaga application letter and state their why some docs are lacking and as much as possible supporting docs of ur reason. When they can see honesty and sincerity sa application may chance mag approve.

  72. Hi Miss Jam! I’m from Cebu pud hehe. Fresh grad ko but ni-call ko sa Consul then ingon sila na under Student Category lang daw gihapon ko mufile kay documents man sa ako dad ako ipresent with affidavit of support. Hadlok lang ko ma-deny kay nigraduate na baya ko but mupaenrollay pako next S.Y. and hapit na muretire ako dad which is end of April that’s why plano nako muapply ug visa this April 18?
    Any tips or help pls?? Thanksss! 🙂

    • hi namjoohkyuk!!!! no need to worry esp if sila na niingon 🙂 besides, interviewhon man sad ka and you’ll have a chance to explain 🙂 ayaw lang gyud kakulba and answer honestly lang gyud. ang ila ra man gyud gusto mahibaw-an is mouli ba ka ug pinas and if naa ba ky enuf money to spend there

      • thanks miss! mana mi ug apply pag 21 then nag wait nalang mi sa results huhu scary, nitry lang jud mi ug present ug acceptance letter sa med school sa ako classmates para panigurado then maygani gidawat raman pud nila! haha. muinterview na diay sila miss? thanks a lot! 🙂

  73. Helo! One of my dreams to travel in Korea! 😊How about if im living in Saudi bec of my work what are the requirements that i need to apply for tourist visa in SK? Thank you so much! 🙂 i enjoyed your blog! Give me insipiration to travel! 😊

    • Hi Meddy! Thank you so much for reading my blog. 🙂 unfortunately, i’m not really sure if the requirements are same if you are staying in Saudi. Are you Filipino btw? coz I can ask my friend how.

      • Hi. I just want to ask po if 40k per person is enough for a (1) week stay in Korea? I will be sponsoring my 2 younger siblings and will be providing 2 affidavits of support for them stating the I am the financer and that I have bought our roundtrip tickets already as well as hotel accommodations commensurate to our length of stay. Currently, may bank balance is 130k po. Would it suffice the show money requirement na po ba for us three? Yung sa 40k naman po excluded na dun yung airfare and accommodation since bayad na lahat. So minention ko po yun lahat sa affidavit nilang dalawa. Thanks po.

  74. Hi,

    Applied for a visa last week ang sad ko ug guarantee letter today nya akong flight is this april 6 na.pag pass nmu sa guarantee letter after pila ka days nmu nga approved ka? Thanks in advance!

    • hi, the day after ra. dali ra kaayo man basta mo comply lang ka dayon

      • Hi! Im gonna apply pa for tourist visa (businessmen) on april 17 yet i bookled
        A flight na for april22.

        The reason for this last minute application wwas because of my biz permit being released last april 11 pa.

        Do u think ma apas pa for approval? I hope it will be approved.

        • Hi! OMG i’m so sorry i just read this comment 🙁 how was it??? hope you got your VISA already.

          • Hi! Hehe I actually applied april 17 na. The release date was april 26 kasi 7 working days na talaga release ng korean embassy cebu. Pero ang trip ko na booked na is april 22-27 talga.

            I applied tourist businessmen category. Wala pa ITR but i presented my newly reg biz permit.

            Yung bank statement ko nga 4k lamg laman but moving naman ang acct.

            So back to application, tyming lang talaga kaworkmate before sa koreanaircebu ng korean partner ko ang isa sa staff ng embassy. I texted her about the application and asked her pwede ba yun mahanapan way na macheck ng consul ang application ko earlier. Kasi 22 talaga dapat ako alis and 28 balik na. Kasi yun lang din vacation from military service ng bf ko.

            I was approved and released date became april 21. Really very nakaka nerbyos. Nag pray lang talaga ako.

            Wala ako
            Choixe eh, the wednesday before april 17 na release ang biz permit ko which is close na embassy for holyweek.

            I spent about 8k sa plane ticket, 12k sa hotel kasi room talaga kinuha ko. And we spent about 48k (for me and him) for 7days. May pasalubong na ako on that budget, we both shopped some shoes and clothes kasi malamig pa pala nun kahit spring na (april 22 – 27). No limit sa pagkain na ang budget na yun. Buy what we need and some wants.

            In a relation kami for almost 6yrs. Both young 25 ako and 28 xa. Both undergrad pa. We have 4 yr old son. Di mayaman like iniisip ng iba pero ngtatrabaho lang at negosyo kahit undergrad pa. For now im supporting him and our son. Wlaa eh, 4k per month in peso lang allowance ng mga na call sa military service.

            Im going back this october hehe oct 18-28.. sana ma approve ulet ako. Its a trip for our 6th year anniv hehe

            • Hi hanna ask ko lng if ung pinasa mong doc. as business owner is only biz permit ? Accepted na ba khit yun lang ipasa. I dont have ITr din for my business.Thanks a lot.

          • Nga pala, i included a letter addressed to the consul. Explaining why i dont have itr. And shared thru the letter why i wanted to travel. I shortly explained why in formal way. Yung totoo lang talaga. Hehe

      • Hello Jam, badly need your help. Uve mentioned na hiningan ka ng guarantee letter ng embassy? Is there any format that you followed? Would you mind if you share how your guarantee letter was written? Hope for your response and thanks in advance! 😊

  75. omggg. I`m from Cebu by the way and I‘ll be submitting my documents tomorrow. Do you think tapping travel agencies on your first visa application will give you a higher rate of approved visa or it is better to go directly to the embassy? My documents are all rechecked but I am not yet fully confident to submit these. huhuhuhu

    • Hi. I’ve read a couple of blogs and they said that even if you ask an agency to process your documents, it wont be an assurance. However if you wish to you can give it a try. But if you’re applying it yourself then Just make sure that your requirements are complete and your form is completely filled out and I think you’re good to go 🙂

  76. Hi mam, i need advices lang po.. If ever walang personal bank accout, at my sponsor doon sa korea, pwede ba ang account nya ang gagamitin? Wala po kasi akong personal bank account mam eh.. Then ang gagamitin kong bank statement is ang payroll ko po..
    .thank u mam..


  77. Hi I know i have to think possitve but if ever na ma deny dito sa Cebu yung visa mo, pwede ba mag reapply sa Manila ?

    • Hi Jimin. Not so sure if that’s possible though since once ma deny after 6mos. pa pwede mag reapply as far as I know.

      • THANK YOU Khei ☺️☺️ . I’ve been reading blogs kasi about people na nadeny ang visa. Ang sad namn pag deny lalo na pag may ticket na.

        BTW this blog inspired me to go to Korea ☺️☺️ and I’m a few steps closer to achieving my dream. 🙏🙏 I’m from Cebu too 😁

        • Hi Jimin. Have you applied for your visa already? I know. I actually went to Sto. Nino everyday while waiting for my visa. Luckily it was approved ☺️ I’m from Cebu too! And omoooo Jimin. I’m Taehyung tho hihi 😁

          PS. Just to let you know I’m not the owner of the blog ha? I’m just a fellow reader like you hihi.

          • oww I found an ARMY 🔎 . hihi . I haven’t applied yet . I’m planning to apply after sa concert sa BTS one month before our trip . dugay pa hehe . wish me luck 🙏

  78. Helo mam,
    Ask lang po sana ako e..mag aaply sana ako ng tourist visa going to korea..i have a bf po na nakabase doon since december.hes an american po mam.and he wants me to go therr as a tourist.naguguluhan po kasi ako sa requirements mam e.kasi wala akong bank account, .and yung income tax currently working po as a nursing aid dito sa hospital ng leyte..xa po gagasto lahat, and the invitation letter is ready na po..but ayaw ko po ipasa kasi sa requirements ko
    Advice po mam, kelangan ko po.
    Salamat ng marami mam


  79. Hi Im from Davao City mag apply kog visa to Korea with my daughter and mother ok ra ako mag pasa application para namo sa Cebu? First time jud nako nig apply ug visa.

    Wala koy Bank statements o bank acount. Ok ra kaya ang bank account sako ate na minyo ug active u.s military sa korea?

    huhu unta di me ma deny tabang. salamat.

    • hi Gles. Yes okay ra ikaw mag apply dala ra ka ug authorization letter.. dili ko sure sa bank statements and account ky requirement gyud sya gud. tawag nalang daan para dili mausik oras? although pwede man nimo ma explain bga imong ate ang mogasto ninyo

  80. Thankyou so much for this jam! Very helpful jud imong blog. Murag naa rajud chance nga ma approved akong visa soon.☺️

  81. Hi very nice article ☺️☺️. me and my friends are planning to go to korea this year. kailangan jud naa itenerary ug ticket before mu apply for visa ? 🙂

  82. Hi Miss Jam. I have my BIR Form 2316 but it’s not stamped and signed yet 🙁 my HR said that they will have the stamped one by Feb 28 pa. Is there a workaround for this? I need the form before the month ends 🙁

  83. Hello Jamillah,

    Thanks for the tips! Stumbled upon your blog and was glad that you’re from Cebu. I’ll be applying kr visa 6 months from now and I’m nervous af because I don’t have ITR yet (new to work but I’ll be preparing Letter of Explanation). And also, I haven’t found any friends that wants to go with me in Korea pa. I hope dili ra ko lisud lisuron. That’s like my greatest fear right now, getting denied. Huhu. Although there’s always a next time.


    • Hi mia. From where are you? Me too is planning to apply korean visa 6mos frm now since i just opened a bank accnt. I’m also looking for a companion for the travel soon. ☺️ By the way, I’m christine frm zamboanga.

  84. Hello Ms Jam,

    Thank you for this detailed post. My Hubby and I are planning to go to Seoul in March. I hope we’ll get approved. Wish us luck!

    Thanks again. xx

  85. Thanks for this. Wonder how much you had in your bank cert when you submitted the application? hehe if ok lang. Me and my hubby are going so kind of worried if pila sulod sa account dapat.

  86. found this very helpful & inspiring! thanks. 😊👍

  87. Thanks Miss Jam. How about unemployed? Mas lisud ba mag apply for visa? 😥

    • i think mas lisud xa 🙁 coz the embassy might think you’re going there to work. haha. but there’s no harm in trying. and besides if you have lots of cash, okay ra man guro na. 🙂

  88. Helpful article👍🏻 surprise of what you’d been through in getting SK visa. I got my 1st visa last 2014 (applied in Manila) and my 2nd visa this year (applied in Cebu). In both cases, I didn’t apply personally but I was still granted a visa. I think Cebu embassy is more relax hehe I just let my friend passed my application then after 2 days I got my multiple entry visa.
    Nice itinerary you have by the way 👍🏻

  89. Hi miss Jam! I’m planning to go to Korea next year and earlier today while doing my research for the trip kai I stumbled upon a blog where na deny iang visa application. Tbh nakulbaan kog maayo huhu but when I read your blog medyo ni less akong kulba. Tho kulbaan ghapon hee but I will be applying for a visa next year pa nuon. Bookmarked your blog and I’m crossing my fingers and basin muadto pkug Simala and iampo pa nku ni kang sto. Niño na ma approve jud. Thanks Miss Jam! 💕

  90. hi miss jam! dreaming to travel also in koreA. . ::) 🙂 actually I was planning to go there. .unfortunately i have an issue getting the visa ’cause i dont have a bank account. .as i read I should be needing at least 6 months of existing account.?? cant i apply for visa even though my bank account is just new?? i enjoy reading your blog!! more blog and travel to come girl! Godbless! 🙂 🙂

  91. Me and my friend also applied through the Consul here in Cebu. Wala raman mi gi lisud-lisud. Submitted all the requirements and we were asked to come back 5 days later. And yep, important jud ang ITR na nay stamp.

  92. Hello Jamilah.

    I read your article in Tripzilla about your travel in South Korea and this one too. Bisaya pud ko. Taga Ormoc, Leyte. I’ve been dreaming of going to SK someday and immerse myself to their beautiful culture and taste the most delicious gimbap and kimchi in the entire world. Hope to learn more from you about ang mga pasikot sikot sa pagbooking, pagbiyahe padung ngadto sa Korea, piso fare sa cebupacific (unsaon pagdakop ana nga promo), apil atong mga ipang install na app etc. Hope we could be friends. Tinuod ko. Dili ko mangingilad. hehe. Salamat!

    • Hi Dave!!! Thank you so much for reaching out. Yes, I will post soon more details of the trip esp. the daily itinerary. About the cebpac, wala gyud na clay specific date but most of the time, during holidays gyud na esp. Jan 1. Atang2x lang 😄

Just say Thank You. Or something like that. :)

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