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Love Letter: Butterflies

Dear You,

I brushed off this feeling the first time I met you. It was something special but I knew “you and I” was impossible. But that was way before what happened in the pantry, few months ago, when our eyes first locked. Maybe it was just me but I swear for the first time, I’ve seen you differently. As Adele would soulfully sing, it was truly just like the movies. Your eyes and the way you randomly poke me and tease me, they send signals down to my core.

But sometimes it hurts. I look at you while you look at her. And everytime, I wish you will turn around and maybe for the first time, you’ll see me differently, too. Pero ngayon, tiis tiis nalang with the butterflies I get from looking at you.




  1. Part 2 please

  2. Thank you Jam. HAHAHAAHAH

  3. Mao na ni. 😀

  4. Or something like that, Han, Or something like that!!!!!! HAHAHAHA

  5. murag c harold ni. haha

  6. Hahahahahahahaha… Kinsa ni Hann? 😍😍😍

Just say Thank You. Or something like that. :)

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