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Love Letter: Thank You For Loving Me

Dear God,

If I had known
No, I’ve always known
That You were there
In the cool mountain breeze
In the humming of the birds back in my old work place
In the beautiful afternoon colors from my penthouse view

I guess I’ve always known
Yet not really appreciated
Your love for me
In the breakfast that my Lola prepares
In the lunch that my Papa cooks
Even in the way my mother incessantly nags

I guess I’ve always known
Yet never fully thankful
For the invisible helping hand
How blessings come
In the subtlest of all ways
In the simplest of all forms
Like a glass of cold water on a hot summer day

If I had known
Fully known
I would have thanked you then
And would keep on thanking you until I cease to be

Thank you, Lord, for loving me
In ways I cannot even imagine




  1. Thank you. 🙂

Just say Thank You. Or something like that. :)

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