Dear You,

It is not that you are not good enough that people take you for granted and invalidate your feelings. You are always good enough even when you are clingy or needy because there’s no such thing as an invalid feeling. When you give your love and friendship, it’s hard not to be emotionally attached to a person. But the fact that you are able to give love and friendship and compassion, you are a gift. Because you see people beyond your world, you understand people’s needs beyond your own.

However, they are also not evil people to have forgotten your birthday or have overlooked your worth. You are not invisible. You just need to toughen up because the way people operate, it is just not about you all the time.

Many people could not see right through the sadness of other’s eyes because the truth is, we are all busy minding our own problems. Many do not care because to care is an ability. Discernment is a blessing learned not just over time  but mostly through experience. A person who has been there does not just understand, he or she empathizes.

So if the love and care aren’t reciprocated, it is alright. He or she isn’t there yet.

In my experience, the price gets higher when you learn things. That is why the more you learn, the lonelier you get. But because you’ve learned, you do not complain. Pricey but noble.