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4 Days South Korea Itinerary (₱15,000 ALL IN with Everland and Oedo Island)

Years ago, I honestly thought you will have to be in your thirties with an ₱80k salary to be able to go to places like South Korea or Japan. Looking back, I hate how ignorant I was. Traveling outside the country can be very intimidating especially when it is your first time. You see those Nami Island pictures of your friends and you immediately associate those thick colorful foliage with some huge amount of money. For a stunning picture like that, it must cost a fortune! you think. But later in here, you will find out that you will only need to save ₱15k to set foot in Seoul, Busan, Everland , Nami and even Oedo Island!

To those who do not know, this is my first post and let it be known that I made this blog for dreamers like me. I can only hope that through Sunny Someday, I can drive you to get out of your comfort zones and make you not live the same life over and over again.  I have laid out below a detailed guide to your South Korea trip. This is especially helpful for those first time out-of the-country travelers. My goal here is that you don’t make the same travel mistakes as I did and that you get the cheapest deals when you travel.


Before the trip

  1. If you wish to follow the itinerary below, book an early morning flight to Incheon and a late night return flight from Busan. You can save a thousand pesos instead of going back to Seoul to catch your flight after you tour Oedo, Geoge and Busan. South Korea trip is a 4-hour flight plus 1-hour time difference. So if you take a 4AM (PH time) flight from NAIA, you will arrive in South Korea at 9AM. Also, patiently wait for Cebu Pacific‘s piso fare. You can get a roundtrip ticket for as low as ₱2,500 (included in the expenses below).
  2. Apply for VISA a month before your scheduled trip. Read VISA application guide here
  3. Buy Everland Ticket at and bring printout of electronic ticket. I’ve been using this app ever since my first travel. You can save by at least ₱1,000 per Everland ticket compared to buying it in their website or upon arrival in Everland. Also, when you install the klook app in your phone, you can save additional ₱60. If you’re traveling with friends, ask them to install the app if they want to save ₱60. If only I had six phones, I could have saved ₱360 when I bought mine and my friends’ tickets. I don’t joke about savings btw.
  4. Book your Hostel or Guesthouse via My friends and I stayed at Leo Guesthouse. You need not pay ahead. You will need a credit card though and if you don’t have one (and if we are friends), just contact me and you can use mine. I could really use some GetGo points. Haha.
  5. Buy dollars a day before your South Korea trip. This means convert your ₱10,000 to dollars and make sure you have at least ₱2,500 left in your wallet for the taxi fare to and from the airport and the travel tax of ₱1,620 to be paid in the airport. For convenience, you may buy Korean Won directly instead of dollars like what my friends did. But if you want to save at least ₱800, buy dollars first (I bought mine at BPI) and convert it to Korean Won upon arrival in SK airport. Dollar conversion savings aren’t true all the time, though. It could be that I was just lucky (you have no idea how much I hate this word) at that time.
  6. Buy universal/travel adapter for your phones and camera or bring  powerbanks. You can’t use your chargers in SK because their outlets have two round holes. You can buy travel adapter in ACE Hardware, OMNI brand is only ₱200+.
  7. Download the app SUBWAY KOREA. You’ll need this to navigate train stations in SK. You can use this even without wi-fi while you’re on the train. Before going to Korea, familiarize your self with the subways. Don’t get overwhelmed by the names of the train stations. Nobody expects you to memorize it. Familiarize the colors, though. It’s very helpful.
  8. Pack lightly so that you won’t have to add baggage of ₱450. My baggage weighed only almost 5 kilos. I only brought dresses instead of jeans. If you’re traveling via CebPac, this means you have 2kilos left for pasalubongs when you go back to PH.

Upon Arrival

  1. Exchange your money (dollars) into Korean Won inside the airport. Money changers  are available 24/7.
  2. Buy T-Money Card and load the card ₩50,000 at any of the convenience stores (7-eleven, Mini Stop, etc.)  inside the airport. This is a transportation card that you will use on subways and public buses and even buying water or food in 7-eleven. Check the balance of your card time to time and on your last day in Korea,  you may have your remaining balance refunded at the same store where you bought the card or at any convenience store inside the airport.
  3. Buy 1 Liter of water and use the bottle for refill at the guesthouse in the next mornings before your trip.
  4. Breakfast at the guesthouse includes unlimited bread with jam and coffee. Note that you will have to toast your own bread and make your own coffee downstairs. If I were you, since it’s unlimited, I’d pack my own sandwich to get through the day. Besides, I did not include in the expenses below the daily snacks. You won’t have time for snacks anyway. 🙂



Day 1

Bukchon Hanok Village

Bukchon Hanok Village South Korea


Changdeokgung Palace & Secret Garden

Changdeokgung Palace South Korea

Entrance Fee: ₩8,000

Myeongdong Cathedral

Myeongdong Cathedral South Korea


Myeongdong Shopping Street

Myeongdong Shopping Street South Korea

Korea’s premier shopping destination.

N Seoul Tower

Love locks at N Seoul Tower, South Korea

Love locks at N Seoul Tower.

Cable Car: ₩8,500

Cheonggyecheon Stream and Plaza

Cheonggyecheon Stream South Korea

 Day 2

Nami Island  

Nami Island South Korea

Shuttle bus fare: ₩5,000 
Entrance Fee: ₩8,000
Bike fee: ₩3,000


Petite France

What to Do in South Korea: Petite France

Entrance Fee: ₩8,000 

Petite France South Korea

The Garden of Morning Calm

Entrance Fee: ₩8,000


Dongdaemun Market

Dongdaemun Market South Korea


Day 3


Everland South Korea

Entrance Fee: ₱1,420 via


Day 4

Oedo Island

Oedo Island South Korea

Bus to Geoge Island: ₩27,200
Ferry Boat Fare to Oedo Island: ₩17,000
Entrance Fee: ₩11,000 


Windy Hill


A photo posted by Sunny Someday (@sunnysomedaybyjam) on


Windy Hill


Hakdong Mongdol Beach

What to Do in South Korea: Hakdong Mongdol Beach in Geoge Island



If you take a super late night flight in going back to PH, you can still stroll Busan for 3 hours before heading to the airport. Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures in Busan as we opted to stroll in Geoge island after Oedo, Windy Hill and Hakdong Beach. We also stayed in Geoge for one night, thanks to ate Therese Kim and her family below. 🙂

Total expenses: ₱14,948 (Conversion rate: 1 Korean Won = ₱0.04)

  • ₱2,500 budget for airfare
  • ₱1,620 travel tax
  • ₱5,568 Day 1 – 4 total expenses above
  • ₱1,620/₩40,500 for 3 nights guesthouse accommodation
  • ₱2,000/₩50,000 T-Money card load
  • ₱1,600 for food at ₩5000 budget/meal
  • ₱40 for 1 liter of water

Note that included in the expenses above is only a three-night accommodation at Leo Guesthouse. This is assuming you can take the earliest flight from PH to Incheon. The hotel budget above is also based on a weekday rate. The Friday to Sunday night rate is higher by ₱400 per night. If you would like to stay longer than 4 days in Seoul, it will only cost you at least ₱1,100 daily for the guesthouse, food and train and of course, one vacation leave credit or your one day salary.

Also, a decent meal in South Korea normally costs ₩5000 to ₩8000. But every morning before your tour, esp. in Nami and Everland, buy lunch pack meal at 7-eleven, it only costs ₩3500.

Here also is a detailed DIY itinerary in Geoge Island. 

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  1. Hi. About your nami island trip, did you avail a tour package or just your ready made DIY trip there? Thank you 😊

  2. Thank you for the informative post. I will travel alone to SK this March 2018 in a DIY itinerary. 😊

  3. Hello! 🙂 just read your post from Tripzilla. Since you mention, I’m also booking a hotel from the said website and they’re asking for my credit card. I choose a hotel with free cancellation + pay later feature (I’ll be paying in cash once I get there). My question is, is it okay to use my prepaid mastercard (which has no money in it right now) or will that cancel the said booking because walang pera yung credit card?

    Your post has been truly helpful. Thank you so much!!! 😘😘😘

    • I’ll just answer you since I have an idea with regards to your question cause I worked with Expedia before and is one of their affiliates. No, they won’t accept a card with no savings inside it. Though you have chosen the ‘pay later’ option but then they need to get a hold to something just in case you won’t come on your check in date. So that’s the time they will deduct a fee on your card (for not notifying them to cancel).

  4. Hi Jam! Me and a friend are planning on going to SK in October this year. However, we are hesitant and thinking we might get denied with our visa application. My hope soared up when I saw your blogs!
    It is my friend’s first time travelling and I am just about to open a savings account. If we apply for korean visa in Sept, do you think we can get approval? Thank you in advance!

  5. Hi jam may I ask if u took the bus from busan to seoul? If yes, what terminal in busan is that? Thanks!

  6. I really want to go SK. Ive been saving my salary for it but my problem is i dont have enough requirements for the visa. 😢 Im not a student yet Im not employed. But I have money 😢 I dont know what to do. 😢

  7. Helen C. Alba

    May 30, 2017 at 10:20 am

    Hi! Where is the location of leo guesthouse? is there a bus or any public transport from Incheon airport to Seoul or getting at leo guesthouse? Is the month of August in south korea still a good time for a tour as we are also first-timer and will take a DIY tour.

    Thank you and I would like to congratulate you on your post; it is helpful and i hope you could give additional info.

  8. Leora Alyanna Tanzo

    May 17, 2017 at 3:52 am

    Hi did you post the detailed itinerary of this already? Thanks!

  9. Mariel December P. Estallo

    March 28, 2017 at 9:47 am

    Bookmarked your blog! Will apply for visa by Jan/Feb 2018 and I’ll probably try the Leo Guesthouse since you said it’s value for money 🙂 Hoping that you can post something like “kdrama tour” or something on your next SK visit! 😉 thank you and keep blogging! 🙂

  10. Hi! Thank you for your super helpful blogs 🙂 I want you to know that I’m also excited for your blog on your Nami Island and Everland Trip. I’ve been to SK last 2015 and I’m planning to visit the places you’ve been (which I’ve never been during my visit) hopefully next year 🙂 so thank you and wish me luck!!!

  11. Our Visa just got approved today (hooray!) I’ve been reading your blog and even saved it in my browser 🙂 I am hoping if you can help us creating an ITI for a 6-day trip :). will be there on Nov 28. Thank you and this blog really inspired us and feel more excited to explore SK! 🙂

    • Hi Bryan! Yaaaay! I’m happy for you 😄😄😄 i will post on Friday my Geoge Island travel guide, then this weekend, Everland guide. 🙂 please subscribe below! 😄😄😄 i will try to finish all the travel guides before your trip. Hehehe.

  12. Is Everland worth it? Is it Disneyland level? 🙂

  13. Soon to be officemate xD

    October 28, 2016 at 9:08 am

    Excited to make travel plans with you! ^__^

  14. I just wanna thank you Jam for all the help you extended me and for answering my endless questions for my visa application. I really appreciate it. My VISA got approved. Can’t wait for December!

    • Reg! Sorry I’ve been at home the past week nakakainis yung net connection ko 😭 anyway, congrats again! Hhahaha. I will post about Geoge island tomorrow reg then Everland this weekend :’)

  15. Hi again 🙂 saree super kulit kaayo ko 🙂 upon visa application, do you need to write the name of hotel na? Actually mag apply nami tomorrow sa Cebu then December 6-11 pa mi mo go Sa SK. Wala pa mi ka decide sa among hotel. hehe

  16. Is it better to exchange won at the SK airport?

  17. Hello! Ask ko lang po, legit po ba anf Nabasa ko bumili ka ng ticket from klook 🙂 Thanks!

  18. Hi 🙂 just read your blog from tripzilla. this makes me want to go to korea ASAP. haha thank you for sharing your travel itinerary and tips. hehe Im also planning to go to SK too hopefully by next year if I ever get great deal on the air fare ticket. Your blog ignites me to make that drawing come to life. Sana tlga makahanap ako murang ticket. Haha question lang po, what month kayo nakapag book ng ticket to korea? what month dn travel date nyo? baka sakaling makatsamba dn ako ng murang ticket. hehe thank you thank you in advance 💗😘😊

    • Hi Mikee, ourt rip was last July and we booked our tickets last April I think. Favorite all the airline fb pages lang so that you’ll be updated with the promo fares. Piso fare of ceb pac is very random but mostly during holidays or if anniversary nila

  19. Hi! I just want to ask about your accomodation. Maganda ba sya and malapit lang sa subway?

  20. Been visiting this post for the past weeks since my visa application is getting near. I’m nervous. lmao. But this post makes me feel a little less nervous and more excited. Cheering and praying for you and your next travels. <3

  21. Thank you for this awesome blog!!! All the details are perfect for a newbie traveler like me!!! I can now visit Korea.. Thanks to you!!!

  22. Pinusoan ko na, bes. Tsaka shinare na din. Hahahaha 😂

  23. Sharing this with my parents! Thank you, te jam❤️❤️

  24. Thank you so much for this guide on smart travelling. Your tips in VISA application is very helpful too. Hope to see more of your guides not only for international travels but also for Philippine travels 🙂

    Also, just bookmarked your page! 😀

  25. Brylle Anthony D. Coritico

    September 19, 2016 at 11:12 am

    This is the most detailed South Korea itinerary I’ve read. Thanks for this! Will share this to my friends.

  26. Thanks for this Jam! I will definitely use this on my trip to SK next year!

  27. Thanks jammy bear!!!!! will use this in the future

  28. Thank you for making this blog! You are really an inspiration. I feel closer in achieving my dream to travel the world!haha Thank you! God bless you always 😊

  29. my apologies. u already have. lol. internet is awful. didnt see it. but love ur blog really.

  30. love ur blog. very helpful. i want to go to SK next year. so thanks. btw, i can help u with plug ins in ur site like the share button. i noticed u dont have that yet. im a friend of Stephen Porkadilla. lels. i mean Porcadilla. hehe. Write on!

  31. So find your blog very helpful ate since I am planning to travel in SK soon. Thank you and hope to read more soon. 😊😊

  32. I am always been your follower in Facebook. And glad you are able to made a blog and I am very excited for this one. Its been a long years since the last time I saw you at Academy school. God bless your good heart Jam!

  33. I love it!! Thank you for the VISA application advice! Looking forward to more posts 🙂

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